Trio of New PSP Minis Released

Leading Indian game developer GameShastra has been successful in creating PSP Minis titles including Circles and D-Cube Planet, playable on both PSP and PS3. They hope to continue on that success by adding 3 new PSP Minis titles to their library.

GameShastra has released three new PSP Mini games onto the PlayStation Store. Pachisi, Tiger Trouble and Route 66 are now available.

Pachisi is Indian’s national board game. GameShastra’s version is steeped in heritage, offering a perfect recreation of this absorbing strategy game. Simple to learn, yet difficult to master.

Tiger Trouble, is another strategy board game recreation – though this time based on a Nepalese pastime. Offering unique strategies depending on the side being played, it’s a game of limitless possibilities

Route 66 offers a change of pace. A hidden-object game set along America’s “mother highway”, it’s a game best played casually, with ample time to admire the stunning artwork and historical facts whilst hunting for the items deviously-placed within each lavish scene.

The CEO of GameShastra is pleased to bring these Minis to the store:

We’re delighted to be bringing two traditional strategy board games to a wider global audience. These games are steeped in history, and have provided the building blocks upon which strategy games continue to be built.

By bringing them to both PSP and PlayStation 3, we’re offering a choice: enjoy on the big screen, or in the palm of your hand.

Pachisi, Tiger Trouble and Route 66 are all available now via PSN, with pricing reliant on region.