Web ‘Space’ Points to Starhawk’s Existence

Lightbox Interactive have long been rumored to be working on what’s been dubbed “Warhawk in Space”. First a trademark for the name Starhawk surfaced, however names get trademarked all the time and don’t always mean a game will be released. Now, more information has been uncovered that points to Starhawk being a game that’s currently in development, by a Sony studio.

If you try to visit the web page starhawkgame.com, you’re quickly re-directed to the official SCEE website. Due to our suspicious nature, we decided to do a “who is” search and dig a little bit deeper into this starhawkgame.com web page.

It turns out, according to the “who is” search results, Sony owns the domain which was very recently registered on December 17th, 2009. Check out the image below.

What does this mean? Well, it certainly adds more validity to the rumors about Starhawk being developed by Dylan Jobe’s Lightbox Interactive.