God of War III Gets Greenlight In Australia

Australia has been known for banning games based upon their strict classification board. Games from the likes of Fallout 3 to Grand Theft Auto III have been banned over the years in Australia. So this left God of War III‘s developers, who have created one of the most brutal, gore-filled games coming to the market, very worried during the approval process.

Though it wasn’t just the developers worrying about this. Many have wondered if the upcoming PlayStation exclusive God of War III would be banned in the country of Australia, especially Australian gamers themselves. The reasoning behind this is that God of War is notorious for the amount of violence and nudity in the title. Well it has finally been confirmed that it has been cleared for release in Australia. The Classification Board gave it a MA15+ rating. The entire reason behind the developers being nervous is because doesn’t have an 18+ rating at all. MA15+ is the highest rating available.

It has also been confirmed that the Ultimate Edition will be released in Australia as well. It will retail for $248.