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Korean Airline Gives it a GO

Taking a flight can be a bit boring at times unless you have something to listen to or game on.  Most of us already have an iPhone, PSP or DS to play while we are on the flight.  A Korean Airline wants to help out those without such a gaming device and are now renting out PSP Go’s to the passengers to pass the time.

Jin Air, a subsidiary of Korean Air is offering the PSP Go to rent for the flight at the incredibly low price of 4000 won, which comes out to $3.50.  This is a great price for that passenger who doesn’t own a gaming device or does not want to bring theirs with them.  No word yet on what exactly will be on each Go, but we can speculate that anything published by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea will find its way onto the device.

This would be a great service to see here in the west, though the price of the rental here would most likely be a lot more.  So what do you think, would you be renting a Go for the flight?


Thanks Brent for the tip!