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Final Fantasy XIII Tops Pre-Order Chart with Enticing Incentive

Final Fantasy XIII, it’s the reason many PS3 owners bought a PS3, and it’s finally due out this March 9th, after an extraordinarily long wait. If you haven’t already pre-ordered this enormously anticipated game, an enticing incentive is being offered that is sure to get you to pre-order.

According to, Final Fantasy XIII is the retailer’s top pre-order. The game is a hot item, that’s for sure, but with so many other blockbuster games due early this year, why has Final Fantasy XIII risen to the top so quickly?

That’s due to a pre-order incentive, where offers you a $10 credit toward a future video game purchase, good on an video game. All you have to do is pre-order with Amazon and wait until March 9th when your order ships, you’ll then be issued the credit. If you were planning on pre-ordering or purchasing FFXIII on day one then you’d better take advantage of this amazing offer.

Already pre-ordered? Good news! This offer applies to existing pre-orders.

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