Leaked Footage of GRIN’S Unreleased Final Fantasy Title

When Swedish game developer GRIN closed their doors last year, it was soon discovered that they were working on a MAJOR Final Fantasy game for Square Enix, their “Unreleased Masterpiece” the developers claimed, which was codenamed ‘Fortress’. Unsurprisingly, a video for the game has been leaked unto the net and we have it for your viewing pleasure.

The game was going to be set in the world of Ivalice, which is none other than the world featured in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It was going to be set after the events of Revenant Wings and the most interesting part to us is that it has more of a Demon’s Souls/Elder’s Scroll: Oblivion vibe to it rather than Final Fantasy. Sure..there main character is riding a Chocobo during the video, but the game play looks like a pure Action-RPG game.

Rumor is that Square Enix took the title away from GRIN, after 2009 was such a horrible year for the company,in effect this lead to the downfall of the company. Just look at their 2009 release schedule.  Bionic Commandofor Capcom? Bombed. Wanted: Weapons of Fate? Another Bomb. Terminator: Salvation? THREE bombs in one year. Ouch. It just makes sense for SE to pull the plug on the project. For those who might be interested in the game though, all signs point that the game is STILL in development, with a branch of the recently acquired Eidos continuing development on the title. We wouldn’t be surprised if more information is released about the title at this year’s E3.


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