PS3 DVR to Feature Trophies

Ever since trophies were first announced for the PlayStation 3, they have been a highly sought after property, with gamers doing everything they can to raise their trophy scores.  Now imagine earning trophies just for watching TV.  In Japan, that is about to become a reality.

“Tourne,” the newly announced accessory for the PS3, is going to give people in Japan the ability to gain trophies while doing simple tasks such as watching a recorded TV Show.  Tourne is a plug-and-play DVR device that allows users to view, browse and record live TV on the PS3 HDD or an external source.  No word yet on whether this will be coming stateside, but it begs the question, are we going to see more Sony products implementing trophies to drive up sales?  Players go nuts for trophies, and offering easy trophies to someone for purchasing an accessory and using it might mean more units sold.  Time will tell, as we will have to see how well Tourne does in Japan.