Sony Puts 10 Games on Sale

The PlayStation Network has deals from time to time giving players a chance to pick up some great titles at discounted price.  This week one of those sales have hit and its 10 games for half off their normal price. 5 of the games on sale are PSN games while the other are PSP titles and with the most expensive of the group being 7 bucks, you won’t be breaking the bank.

Right now you can pick up the following titles for half off their original price on both the PlayStation Network.

PSN Games

Gravity Crash – $4.99

Zen Pinball – $4.99

Critter Crunch – $3.49

Braid – $7.49

Burn Zombie Burn – $4.99

PSP Titles

Savage Moon – $4.99

Crystal Defenders – $4.99

Creature Defense – $3.99

Kurulin Fusion – $2.99

Thexder Neo – $4.99

So, will anyone be taking advantage of these great offers?