Kitase Doesn’t Rule Out Final Fantasy XIII DLC

The latest edition of the Dutch PlayStation Magazine, which contains an 8 page Final Fantasy XIII feature, including a 2 page interview with Yoshinori Kitase has been exposed. In the interview, Kitase discusses the future plans for any FFXIII DLC.

A Neogaf user got hold of the latest issue of the Dutch Playstation Magazine. In the interview, the producer of the RPG Yoshinori Kitase discusses the failed simultaneous release Square previously aimed for Final Fantasy XIII, as well as future plans for DLC:

At first we had plans to release the game simultaneously worldwide, so we had the intention to deliver identical version between the regions. When we noticed that we wouldn’t make it, we decided to release the game as fast as possible in the west after its release in Japan. We initially had doubts to add extra content to the western version but then it would have taken the international version more months of delay. We did prepare a DLC but it will arrive a little later in the west.

Final Fantasy XIII is looking set for a western blockbuster release on March 9, 2010.