Kratos Refuses To Play With Motion Controller

Motion control has been drawing in a lot of attention as of late, with Sony detailing their motion controller, gamers have wondered if it would be applied to GOW3. Stig Asmussen from Santa Monica Studios’ confirms whether you God Of War III will receive motion control features.

Stig Asmussen spoke to NowGamer earlier and confirmed that exclusive God Of War III will not be integrated with motion control.

You won’t be seeing that. That would, in my opinion, be messing with something that doesn’t need to be messed with. I think motion control demands games made with motion control in mind and God of War is designed for the PS3 (or PS2) controller.

But Asmussen did admit the studio briefly considered the idea:

We thought about it a little bit. We looked at it and talked about it, but you’re gonna sit down and play the game for eight, ten, 15, 20-plus hours… and you’ve got to be whipping those things around.

A motion controlled God Of War game may be possibility in the future:

If we wanted we could do, say, a God of War spin-off designed for motion controllers that wasn’t this epic game that requires you to spend so much time focussed on the TV screen. I think, for me, that’s the biggest problems with motion controls – it just works better in a more arcade-type experience.

God Of War III will be released worldwide in March. GameStop has revealed that the exclusive will receive a March 16 US street date release.