MLB 10: The Show’s Soundtrack to Knock it Out of The Park

With the annual release of sports games always adding new features to help innovate the games, one of the bigger announcements is who’s going to be on the game’s soundtrack. MLB 10: The Show’s soundtrack has been revealed and there’s plenty of songs to rock to through your journey on the Road to the Show.

Here’s the list of officially licensed music for the game:

Band of Skulls – “I Know What I Am”

Baroness – “Swollen and Halo”

The Grouch & Eligh – “All In (Feat. Gift of Gab & Pigeon John)”

Night Horse – “Come Down Halo”

Scarlet Symphony – “Your Blood Is Mine”

Silversun Pickups – “It’s Nice to Know You Work Alone”

The Budos Band – “The Proposition”

The Heavy – “How You Like Me Now (Beats Mix)”

The New Regime– “Haunt My Mind”

The Soundtrack of Our Lives – “Babel On”

We Are Scientists – “Rules”

Zodiac Death Valley – “Look Alive!”

Of course, if you don’t care for any of the music above, you can always just turn it off and use the In-Game Music feature so that you can use your own songs saved on your hard drive.

MLB 10: The Show swings for the fences on March 2nd. MLB 09: The Show was one of the highest rated games released on the PS3 last year and was called by many ‘the best baseball game ever made’, so it’s safe to say that Fans of the series will be waiting patiently so see if the developers can deliver an even better experience this season.

I have a question for all you fans of Sports Games: Have you ever bought a CD because of a certain song you heard over (and over) while you played the game? Let us know in the comments below.