Super Street Fighter IV Box Art is Super Awesome

With Capcom just releasing a ton of information about all of their major titles to be released this year, we knew some extra goodies were going to be released along the way. One of those extra goodies? The box art for Super Street Fighter IV–and I have one word for you–awesome.

When Capcom released Street Fighter IV early last year, there was a last minute change in the box art to the popular Ryu vs Ken that we all know and love. The best part of the Super Street Fighter IV box art? It makes the original SFIV’s Box Art look stupid!

Boom! So what’cha think? Personally, I love it! It shows off three of the 8 ”new” characters and really just jumps out and grabs your attention.

Capcom confirmed today that Super Street Fighter IV is scheduled to hit on April 27th, with 8 “new” fighters, the return of the car beat’em up mini-game, news ultras, costumes, and more. With currently listing the game for $36.99, it seems Capcom might just be able to take many gamers’ hard earned money once again.