Killzone 2 Talent Plays Role in Insomniac’s Next Game

We reported last month that a Senior Producer for Guerrilla Games had left to help design the next Metal Gear console game, Metal Gear Solid Rising. Now the Killzone 2 invasion continues..and this time, the war is coming to Insomniac Games’ Next PS3 Exclusive.

Connected Consoles discovered on Aaron Butler’s Linkedin page that the former Senior Designer for Killzone 2 is working on Insomniac’s next title at Insomniac North Carolina. Aaron joined the NC team in November and is  ‘designing the fun.’  He also helped out recently with Spec Ops: The Line for 2K Games.

This adds even more fuel to the fire that Insomniac’s next title is none other than Resistance 3. First, we had the billboard slip-up. Next we have the ‘Insomniac common sense schedule’ that has unfolded on the PS3: Resistance Game, Ratchet and Clank Game, repeat. Another clue is that 4 of Aaron’s 5 past games have been FPS. It’s safe to assume that their next game is Resistance 3. But you know what happens when you assume…

Rumor has it that Resistance 3 will be revealed at E3 this year. PlayStation LifeStyle will be there, so you’d better believe we’ll be reporting everything that goes down at the mother of all video game conventions.