David Jaffe Clarifies Twisted Metal Rumors

Yesterday, we had reported that David Jaffe’s next game may in fact not be Twisted Metal. Instead, Jaffe made it seem as though the title could be a new IP. Considering how vocal of a fellow he is, it comes as no surprise his personal website has been updated to clarify these rumors.

In the “What’s on Jaffe’s Brain” section of his website, Jaffe updated the area to address the Twisted Metal rumors.

Just to be clear, I’ve never said we were or were NOT making a new Twisted Metal. Ever. But just to be 100% clear, if we were to make a new Twisted, I would consider it a reboot. The last console Twisted was 10 years ago. If we were to make a new one, we’d be starting with the assumption that no one knows what Twisted Metal is anymore and we’d have to re-earn each and every fan the series ever had. So in that sense, IF we were to ever make a new one, we’d consider it a brand new series/game/franchise.

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