Jaffe’s New Game Is Looking a lot Less Twisted

David Jaffe’s latest game has long been rumored to be a Twisted Metal game, ever since a PlayStation 3 ad featured an image of mushroom dust cloud in the shape of clown, leading many to believe it was a hint of a new Twisted Metal game for the PS3.

Now, after Jaffe’s latest comments, it appears we may have been thrown a curveball and EatSleepPlay’s next game will be a completely new IP.

In a recent video, posted today on Jaffe’s personal blog, the vocal developer talks how proud he is of the recent announcement of God of War III being featured on Slurpee cups, even having its own “Kratos Fury” flavor.

Jaffe then goes on to speak about his hopes  for his latest project to reach that same milestone, mentioning that type of treatment is usually reserved for sequels, hinting that his latest game is the first game in what could end up being another very successful franchise.

“Maybe with the sequel, usually the first ones don’t, you know you got to build your fan base and it’s gotta do well. But hopefully we’re on the road, one day we can get something like that for what we’re working on.”

Don’t be so modest David Jaffe, if you hadn’t had a hand in God of War, it might not be the success it is today. Twisted Metal didn’t do too bad either, it’s only one of the most recognizable PlayStation franchises in existence.

Even if it’s not a PS3 Twisted Metal that EatSleepPlay is working on, we’re excited to play whatever they’ve been dreaming up. How about you? Disappointed it might not be Twisted Metal or happy for something fresh?

Thanks to TheHater for the tip!