Rust Buccaneers Plundering PSN this Year

Have you been wondering where all the pirate games are on the PSN and why you haven’t had enough opportunities to plunder and raid people to your black heart’s content?  Finnish developer Pixolane is looking to remedy this when they show up with their first ever PS3 title, Rust Buccaneers, for the PlayStation Network.

The game is an arcade style shooter where you command modern pirates in their attempt to relive the ways of their ancestors as they raid cargo ships and battle patrol boats.  As you defeat ships, your “Infamy” rating increases, with your goal being to rule the online leaderboards as the most infamous pirate in the game.  The game will feature plenty of modes, with a single player campaign, an infinite free roaming mode, and an arcade style quick game mode.  Locally played multiplayer modes include co-op and one-on-one modes.  The game will also allow players to unlock bigger boats and weapons as they complete the campaign missions.

Stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle as more information releases or check out the official Rust Buccaneers website.