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Want to Play in the Rain? Get the Heavy Rain Demo Now [Update]

Heavy Rain is easily one of this year’s most anticipated titles. So why wait until next week to download the demo from the PlayStation Store, when you can get it right now? We’ll give all the clues you’ll need to solve this mystery, after the jump…

Heavy Rain asks you: “How far would you go to save the one you love”, however the question at hand is really, how far would you go to get a chance to play Heavy Rain earlier than everyone else?

You’ll need to provide 4 vital pieces of evidence revealed through the Heavy Rain ‘Four Days’ challenge and of course you’ll need to be registered on the official Heavy Rain website; if you aren’t already click here.

If you’re registered just head on over to where you’ll enter the following pieces of evidence:

  • Short cigarette (117b)
  • Origami bird
  • Coffee shop C (it says “diner”; has a picture of the Sphinx)
  • 117h (tire tracks)

Enter these correctly and you’ll receive a code to download the demo from the PS Store.

[Update] It seems the storm of eager fans wanting to get their hands on the Heavy Rain demo early have crashed the site. At the moment only a message remains:

We are currently working to address some site issues caused by overwhelming demand.

Sincere apologies for the delay, and please check back shortly.

The site will likely be back up shortly.

Expect our review when the embargo lifts on February 10.