PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 Last Chance

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 Ends Soon: Last Chance to Get Your Stats

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 will end tomorrow, January 13, meaning it’s the last chance for anybody who played more than 10 hours of PS5 and/or PS4 games in 2022 to get their stats for last year. The service allows players to get their end-of-year stats on things like trophies and games played.

Last chance to generate and share your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 stats

The PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2022 allows players to get their own stats one the number of earned trophies, the number of games played, total hours played across PS4 and PS5 games, and the number of PlayStation Plus monthly games downloaded for the entire year by heading to the dedicated website. Depending on the genres of games played throughout the year, you’ll be given a code for one of six Astrobot Avatars, although we’ve also hunted down the codes for all of the others.

The good news is that the initial launch issues where the site produced an “Application error: a client-side exception has occurred” message that prevented the site from loading have now been resolved. If you were unable to get your stats when the program launched in December, you should be able to get them now. The site also gave us several interesting facts on how the PlayStation brand did throughout the year, including that Stray was the most popular PS Plus game of the year.