Resident evil village demo playstation schedule

New Limited-Time Resident Evil Village Demo Launches First for PlayStation Players, Get the Schedule Here

Today’s Resident Evil Showcase revealed a brand new demo that will let players explore the world of Resident Evil Village for a limited time, with bonus early access and additional time for PlayStation players. PS4 and PS5 will get two exclusive early 30-minute demos that will be available for a limited eight hours each, followed by the limited-time 60 minute on all platforms. The full schedule and details for each are available below.

Limited-Time Resident Evil Village Demo Schedule

PlayStation Exclusive 30-Minute Village Demo

  • North America: April 17 @ 5pm to April 18 @ 1am PT
  • Europe: April 18 @ 7pm to April 19 @ 3am CEST
  • Asia: April 18 @ 5pm – April 19 @ 1am HKT

Available for just eight hours, the first demo will let PlayStation players visit the game’s namesake village and explore freely for 30 minutes before ending. It’s also hinted to “give you a taste of what the game’s combat has to offer.” Once the eight hour period (or your 30 minute gameplay) is over, the demo will lock until the next demo session.

PlayStation Exclusive 30-Minute Castle Demo

  • North America: April 24 @ 5pm to April 25 @ 1am PT
  • Europe: April 25 @ 7pm to April 26 @ 3am CEST
  • Asia: April 25 @ 5pm – April 26 @ 1am HKT

The second demo, also a PlayStation exclusive, will let players explore Castle Dimitrescu’s cramped and labyrinthine corridors for 30 minutes of horror, which they say will be a “bloody good time.” This demo session will again only be available for eight hours (or your 30 minute exploration period) before the demo locks to prepare for the bigger session on all platforms.

All Platforms 60-Minute Village and Castle Demo

  • North America: May 1 @ 5pm to May 2 @ 5pm PT
  • Europe: May 2 @ 2am to May 3 @ 2am CEST
  • Asia: May 2 @ 8am to May 3 @ 8am HKT

The final full demo will be available to play for 24 hours and give players 60 minutes to use as they please in either the Village, the Castle, or both. No matter how you choose to spend your time, once your 60 minutes are up—or the demo’s availability ends—you’ll have to wait for the full release to continue to mine the mysteries that Resident Evil Village holds.

You’ll be able to preload the Resident Evil Village limited-time demo on PS4 and PS5 to prepare for the short windows that the demo will be available, though the store page is not available at the time of this writing. You can also still download the first PS5-exclusive Maiden demo, which doesn’t offer combat, but communicates the eerie themes while telling a short independent story set in Resident Evil Village’s world.

In the meantime, you can also check out the newest trailer that premiered at the Resident Evil Showcase, giving us a deeper look at Resident Evil Village’s world, story, characters, and gameplay.

Will you be exploring Resident Evil Village’s world in one (or all three) of the limited-time demo sessions?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]