Gran Turismo PSP races into 1.8 Million Homes

Originally announced back at E3 2004, Gran Turismo PSP has had a long and much delayed journey to gamers collection. Even though it took 5 years for the title to finally hit, gamers didn’t care as the title has gone on to sell close to 2 million copies since release this past October.

Polyphony Digital unveiled the latest sales figures for the Gran Turismo series, as overall series sales have zoomed past 55 million copies and the newest entry of the series accounting for 1.8 million of them.

Of course, it didn’t hurt sales when Kazunori Yamauchi mentioned that any and all cars from GT PSP would transfer over to GT5 when the title is finally hits the store-shelves this year.

Even though the game lacks a career mode, it’s still a solid entry in the series and worthy of a purchase. Plus who wouldn’t an advantage over other competitors once Gran Turismo 5 graces the PlayStation 3?