YOU Choose Who the Madden Curse will Hit this Year

Madden fans pay attention: It’s YOUR chance to decide who will be hit with the yearly ‘Madden Curse’ for Madden 2011, as EA and Dorito’s Chips are putting the decision on your shoulders this season.

Dorito’s Chip is letting you, the fans, decide who’s going to have a blown-knee this season. Or a major concussion. Or a season-ending injury in the Pre-Season. 3 different All-Pros have been chosen. One will win. The ‘Contenders’ are Drew Brees, QB of the New Orleans Saints. Jared Allen, Defensive End for the Minnesote Vikings, and last, Reggie Wayne, WR for the Indianapolis Colts. Choose wisely…because you just don’t know what kind of injury is going to happen to the winner.

Don’t believe me? 2002’s cover star, Daunte Culpepper, threw 23 interceptions and broke the NFL’s record for most fumbles in a season. 2004’s star, Michael Vick BROKE his leg during the Pre-Season and was lost for the entire season, plus it hit him with that whole ‘dog fighting’ scandal. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

If you don’t mind ruining a franchise’s season, then visit the Official Website and vote away. Just remember..when the Winner is relaxing at home injured, probably eating Doritos, he’ll think back to this promotion and curse your name in vein, because it’s going to be all your fault!