Relentless’ Secret Project To Have A “Large Scope”

Relentless Software may be busy making six different Blue Toad games, as well as tentatively planning a second series of the franchise, but that hasn’t stopped them from also making a new and exciting “Secret Project” that their studio teases as playing to their strengths in the social genre. Little is known about the project with only a few pixilated images shown to tease gamers, but in an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Relentless has released some new information about the game.
Paul Woodbridge, Design Director, was initially very coy, saying:
Well, its quite a long way… We’re in such early stages, there are too many things that could happen between now and when we are going to want to announce it. Got to stop from saying too much though.
But later he revealed:
It is probably best to say, it’s a big project for us. It’s not just Blue Toad Season Two or anything, it’s a big project.
It’s a new thing with quite a large scope…
Producer Jade Tidy, however, revealed the game’s level of secrecy:
I think we should stop there [laughter]. I think, like I said before, there is actually a secret room, and its locked, and they’ve got all their windows frosted. When I say I don’t know anything about it, it’s actually true, I’m not allowed in that room. It’s a secret to most of us here as well…
Look forward to learning more about the game, and Blue Toad, in our full interview later today.