Heavy Rain Demo has a Hidden Surprise

February 15, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

The Heavy Rain demo that hit this week contained two scenes: one for Detective Shelby and the other for FBI Agent Norman Jayden. It’s been discovered that the demo contains even more–a secret surprise.

Want to discover this secret surprise? Fire up the demo. Go to the ‘Crime Scene’. Walk straight to the ‘tent’ covering the dead boy. Take 27 steps ahead of you until you run into a wall. You should see the image below.

Notice something different about this number? Must games that do use phone numbers in them have fake numbers with ‘555’ area codes–this is a REAL Number for a REAL business! Here’s the YellowPages.com reverse lookup using the number.

This does make sense, though. When David Cage and Quantic Dream were looking for a location to base Heavy Rain off of, the location scout recommended Philadelphia, as it also the location that M. Night Shyamalan filmed two of his movies.

Heavy Rain hits on February 23rd. Who knows what other secrets the title could hold…