Yoshinori Kitase Speaks About FFVII Remake

February 16, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Ever since the infamous tech demo was revealed back at E3 2005, PlayStation fans have been long awaiting the day Final Fantasy VII gets remade for the PS3. Sadly the idea has been shot down many times by Square Enix. However, Final Fantasy XIII’s producer offers a glimmer of hope.

While speaking to GameTrailers, Yoshinori Kitase reveals his interest in a “more complete form of Final Fantasy VII”, which can inevitably mean one thing, that’s right folks, a remake.

“I’m really interested to see this more complete form of Final Fantasy VII portrayed more realistically with the voice and animation and all the subtle expressions there.”

“I’d be interested to see that and to make that, it would be a great experience. I don’t get tired of people asking that question, so I’ll continue to answer my thoughts as long as people keep asking.”

Despite this, Tetsuya Nomura commented a while back, saying the remake not being a game in the company’s near future. With so many conflicting reports from the masterminds behind the Final Fantasy franchise, it looks like eager fans will just have to wait patiently a bit longer.