Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Skips Retail Shelves in Europe

Awakening, the upcoming expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, is coming close to its release date, and thanks to the FAQ section on the official Dragon Age website, we have learned a bit of new information about the expansion.  While it will be making its way onto store shelves in the United States, the game will be available in Europe as downloadable content only.

It struck us as a bit odd that the expansion would not be released at retail only in Europe, but thanks to an EA spokesman speaking with Joystiq, we received some clarification on the situation:

Apparently this is a Sony Europe rule – you cannot have expansion packs be available on PSN and at retail. You can in North America, which is why we have both here.

So there you have it–Europeans, if you’re in the market to expand your Dragon Age experience, you’d better clear some HDD space.