Lost Planet 2 Box Art Looks to Crush your Collection

It seems that things are finally on track for Capcom’s Lost Planet 2. After being delayed from early 2010, the title is set for a May 18th release here in the US and Europe, then May 20th in Japan. Capcom has released the final box art  and it’s a significant improvement over the first Lost Planet’s box art

I just needed directions to McDonalds!!

With a focus on ‘bigger and better’, along with 4-player co-op, Capcom is looking to capitalize on the multiplayer craze going on with videogames right now. The Box Art certainly conveys what they’re aiming for and why not? There’s nothing more fun than taking down enemies with three of your best friends, if done right.

If you’re interested in giving Lost Planet 2 a try, then just sign-on to the PSN and download the demo! It features 4-player co-op so it’s certainly worth the time spent downloading.

If you missed it earlier, Lost Planet 2 hits on May 18th in the US and Europe and May 20th in Japan.

So Capcom..how about giving us PS3 owners some exclusive Characters too? After all, Nathan Hale has fought plenty of gigantic enemies, too!