Sony is Looking to Expand PSN’s Reach

February 17, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

The PlayStation Network has grown a lot in the few years of its existence with constant tweaking and updating.  At the recent Sony Ericsson’s MWC 2010 Conference, Sir Howard Stringer took time not only to talk about Sony’s mobile phones, but also about the PSN and its expansion to other devices.

He of course touched on the fact that the PSN is no longer a secret weapon with its 40 million-plus members.  The big news came when he stated that Sony is looking to fully expand the PSN to phones with video distribution being used as an example.  Access to many of the PSN’s feature on your mobile phone would be great, especially the ability to communicate with your PSN friends.

What would you think of a phone with access to the PlayStation Network, sound pretty cool?