THQ Planning To Raid E3 With Sequels

February 19, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Brian Farrel, THQ’s CEO has been outspoken lately about their future releases, including the sequels for Saints Row and Red Faction. Farrel has assured E3 attendees THQ is ready to take E3 by storm with a glance at their future titles.

In an interview with IGN, Farrell has stated that we will be “blown away” at this years E3.

I think we’re going to blow people away at E3. You’ll be seeing Saints Row 3. You’ll be seeing the next Red Faction. You’ll be seeing more of Homefront.

We’ve been talking about it, but we’ll actually show some of our Warhammer 40k MMO, and I think people are going to go, ‘Oh my God. They’ve got their stuff together’, and Saints Row 3 will evidently cause some to remark, ‘This is not your father’s THQ.’

There you have it folks, looks like we’ll be seeing the next Saint’s Row and Red Faction at E3. The sequels were confirmed to be in development last month. Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of the last Red Faction game.