Bad Company 2 Lets you be a DLC VIP

February 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

We all know that DICE’s upcoming shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is set to challenge Modern Warfare 2 for online supremacy. One manner to achieve this if is to offer compelling downloadable content to extend the online experience. DICE’s Patrick Bach recently sat down with MTV to discus their DLC strategy.

DICE is certainly going to set themselves apart here. Bad Company 2 will have VIP access for owners of the game in the form of a code they will receive in the package.

We want people to insert the code they get when they buy the game to get access to [DLC content]. It’s connected to your personal account, more or less, and what we want to do is give you something extra, added value, for that.

In the future you will get more content, for free, if you have this VIP code.

The VIP code is set to work like a password to the game’s online store, giving players access to all sorts of content.  Day one DLC will come in the form of new multiplayer maps.  If you rent or buy used however, you will be required to pay for the VIP access, most likely in the $10 range.  To gain VIP status and party like a rock star, pre-order your copy today.