Valkyria Chronicles Reloads with New Content

February 21, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

We salute you, PS3 fans..for barely buying our game!!

Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles is arguably one of the most under rated games on the PlayStation 3. The unique setting in fictional Europa has spawned a loyal fan-base that still thrives almost two years after its original release. Fans have been wishing for two things: new DLC and a Trophy patch. Sega has answered one of your prayers and it hits next week.

Sega has announced via their Official Blog that Valkyria Chronicles will receive new DLC when the PSN updates next Thursday. The Fourth DLC pack for the game will focus on Edy’s Detachment, as it features six different challenges to help you master these classes:

– Shocktrooper

– Scout

– Lancer

– Engineer

– Sniper

– Tank

No price has been revealed yet, although if you happened to miss out on the game, why not check it out now? Many online retailers have it priced at $20 and that is a steal.