Red Steel 2 Could Work “Fantastically” with PlayStation Arc

Red Steel is currently an exclusive series to Nintendo’s Wii console. The first title was universally panned by critics, however, Red Steel 2 is shaping up quite nicely. With the hardcore gamers that Red Steel 2 is aimed at staying far away from the Wii, along with Wii third-party software being plagued with poor sales, there definitely is a chance of Red Steel 2 from not performing well on Nintendo’s motion-control based console. However, with the upcoming release of PlayStation Arc, those sales could change fast.

Red Steel 2 creative director Jason Vandenberghe has expressed his own opinions on the PlayStation Arc, and it’s association with Red Steel 2.

“I think it could work fantastically with the Sony wand. With this kind of game you need a thumbstick, that’s the only real constraint. For walking around at least, I haven’t seen a solution.”

Vandenberghe also revealed that the game wouldn’t work well with Microsoft’s competing motion camera Project Natal.

“Microsoft may come forward and show me something I haven’t seen before, which makes me understand how you can play a first-person action game like this that requires this intense finesse and accuracy in your motion, and not have a controller in your hand of some kind. But I think we need to have a thumbstick. I think this is probably a more natural fit for the Sony side of things right now, but I don’t think Microsoft is showing all of its cards right now either.”

Would you like the Red Steel series to appear on PS3?