Alpha Protocol Coming Soon. Seriously.

In Alpha Protocol, you play as EX-US Agent Michael Thorton, as you attempt to uncover a conspiracy throughout the World. The one clue Michael can’t uncover? A solid release date for his game! Mr. Thorton is in luck though, as a major source has spilled the beans and the game will soon be coming out of the shadows. Seriously.

Originally intended to hit on October 9th, 2009, Sega and Obsidian Entertainment’s Alpha Protocol was then pushed to ‘Spring 2010’ and not to be outdone, was then delayed to this Summer. Well guess what? IGN has confirmed via Sega that AP will hit the US on June 1st, Europe on May 28th, and Australia on May 27th.

For those who have been interested in the title since it was unveiled back in April…of 2008, your chance to play this ‘Action-RPG’ is almost here! Seriously!