Square Enix Aiming For Monumental FFXIII Sales

Previous Final Fantasy games have reached pivotal milestones in sales; including the likes of Final Fantasy VII being the best-selling title in the franchise with nearly 10 million units sold. Square Enix believe that Final Fantasy XIII will have a shot at matching the monumental sales of its predecessors.

Adrian Arnese, Square Enix’s senior brand manager, spoke to MCV and revealed that the developers aim is for FFXIII’s sales figures to be in line with past Final Fantasy releases. He also believes that the RPG will be a huge video game release for current hardware. Adrian Arnese stated:

Since its initial announcement at E3 in 2006, the anticipation for Final Fantasy XIII has been growing and growing, and is now reaching fever pitch. The game has been regularly topping pre-order charts and the rate of pre-orders is increasing as we get closer to its launch.

All this considered, our aim is for Final Fantasy XIII to be a landmark release for the current hardware generation, with sales results in line with previous main Final Fantasy releases.

Arnese carries on to say what the soon to be released title will offer:

Final Fantasy XIII lets players embark on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams, packed with breathtaking environments to explore, unique allies to befriend, and awe-inspiring enemies to conquer. An immersive storyline draws the player ever closer to a cast of intriguing characters. Will they have the strength to face their fate, or are they doomed to destroy everything they love?

There is a level of craftsmanship, detail design and quality here that is second to none, setting a new benchmark for the realisation of video game worlds and characters.

Final Fantasy XIII will be released worldwide on March 9th.