Capcom Confirms Lower Price Tag for SSFIV

When Capcom announced that Super Super Fighter IV would actually carry a cheaper price tag than the original release, fans didn’t ask why, they just accepted it with a smile. Gamestop, among other retailers, listed the fighter for the oh-so-sweet price of $40, and guess what? Capcom has confirmed it.

Speaking in an interview with Gamasutra, Capcom’s Christian Svensson, VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development at Capcom U.S. (try saying that fives time fast!) made the price official:

It’s $40. We had two choices, and the economics didn’t work out on one… No matter what, we were fracturing the userbase, and we had to start from scratch. There was no way to just sort of do an update on the DLC, and if we’d done what we did Lost Planet Colonies — I don’t know if you’ll recall — basically it had everything had the first game had and a ton more.

Another reason the game is cheaper? Don’t forget that unless your friends buy SSFIV, you won’t be able to play against them and their copy of SFIV:

The problem is that it gets a new title ID, which means no cross-play with the original consumers. And the other part is designing the game around, figuring out who has which package, even if you could do that. So, we knew we had to go from scratch. A Platinum [version] wasn’t really an option no matter what we did.

Chris even dropped a hint for fans of the series who bought the original game..a surprise that has yet to be announced:

And we haven’t announced it, but for those who have purchased and played Street Fighter IV on the system that they play this on, there will be a nifty little special set of things that those people will have the option of enjoying that others won’t.

9 New characters. 4 new stages. The return of bonus stages. Rebalanced characters. New Ultras. $40 price tag and an incentive for those who paid $60 originally? Why aren’t fans of the series pre-ordering this yet!?

Super Street Fighter IV strikes back on April 27 in the States and April 30 in Europe.