Hadoken these Super Street Fighter IV Pre-Order Bonuses

Capcom has unleashed the Super Street Fighter IV pre-order bonuses to the world and you just might wanna’ throw down the $5 smackers to secure your copy ahead of time.

Thanks to the Capcom-Unity Blog, we now know which store will get what goodies. For all of you who enjoy pre-ordering at Amazon.com and Best Buy, you will received the timed-exclusive Super Classic Costume pack featuring alternate costumes for Dhalsim, Guile, Blank, Gen and Fei Long.

If Gamestop is your most trusted retailer, then you’ll receive some awesome…Super Thumb Fighters!?!

Interesting..I didn’t know Thumb wrestling was still relevant! Ok, enough with the US pre-orders…what about some European incentives to pre-order? How about some Street-Fighter inspired T-Shirts? Or iPhone covers or the Super Classic costumes which are pictured below?

While it wasn’t mentioned which EU retailer would get which pre-order bonus, it’s official: Europe wins the pre-order battle this time! Until next time……

Super Street Fighter IV unleashes is fury on April 27th in the States and on April 30th in Europe.