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PSP-3000 Pricedrop Spotted At GameStop

*20 Dollar bill may not actually be in PSP screen.

Frugal portable gamers may get excited by this piece of news: the PSP-3000‘s price has recently experienced a price drop at one of the nation’s largest videogame retailers. Find out which one after the jump.

Yup, it's GameStop

A GameStop ad (pictured below) has recently been spotted that prices the PSP-3000 at $149.99, down from the usual $169.99 pricepoint. This may lead some people to think that a new PSP model is on its way soon – while there is no doubt a new handheld in the works, this ad mentions that the price is a limited-time offer, so it may just be a sale to move units. No one knows for sure. Those of you who may want to pick this up have until March 11th to take advantage of this offer. Happy shopping!