New “Nights” Trailer Proves GT5 Only Does Everything

It has been known for quite some time that the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 will set the bar high graphically for other games in the Racing genre. One long-forgotten fact about the series is that it excels at gameplay and variety too. The inclusion of both night racing and an unprecedented simulation of physics will hopefully take light with a recently leaked Gran Turismo 5 Trailer.

The official Gran Turismo 5 “Nights” Trailer has been leaked onto YouTube in full-HD. The Nights Trailer is included on the disc of God of War III and shows off some impressive gameplay from this beautiful racing title. Along with the recently unveiled NASCAR trailer, the years of hype for Gran Turismo 5’s release is still at full throttle.

Check out the official GT5 Nights Trailer below, and be sure to set the video to 720p to see just how beautiful Gran Turismo 5 really is: