New GT5 Trailer Showcases NASCAR Mode

Gran Turismo fans were blown away last year when the patented NASCAR stock car came racing across the screen during the  jaw dropping Gran Turismo 5 trailer at Sony’s E3 press conference. Little information about NASCAR’s inclusion in the most popular racing series in videogames has been released until now.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Motor Trend, who were lucky enough to get hands-on of an ‘advanced demo’ of GT5’s NASCAR mode, we now have this snazzy trailer that describes the process a bit about and  how both parties hope that it will help introduce new fans to the racing league and the gaming series.

Worst part about the video? That Yamauchi-San is a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan now. Ugh! Why not Jimmie Johnson..ya know, someone who isn’t riding his dad’s coattails around. Just saying.

Look for NASCAR, WRC, 1,000 cars and 80 different varations when Gran Turismo 5 hits exclusively on the PS3..sometime this year.