PS3 3D Firmware Update Due Before Summer

Since 3D was introduced to the world of entertainment back in the 50’s, it has often been regarded as a fad. James Cameron’s Avatar, a film created to take full advantage of the latest 3D technology, has generated over $2 billion dollars in revenue worldwide, and the push for 3D HDTVs has begun. Sony is the major force behind this change, and has promised that the PS3 will support 3D with a simple firmware update. We have fantastic news–the much heralded update could be here quicker than you can put on those zany 3D glasses.

PC World is reporting that this potential game changing update is due soon. Sony plans to broadcast the FIFA World Cup in 3D and with the FWC starting in June,  it would make sense that the firmware hit before then, just to make sure everything works with the PS3 and we don’t run into anymore of those ‘ApocalyPS3’ moments.

But will fans and consumers care? Many are just now getting HDTVs to replace their old SDTVs. With the prices of HDTVs finally dropping into a reasonable range, are consumers going to be willing to pay full-price for 3D HDTVs? No one even knows if the TV will even come with the $100+ 3D stereoscopic glasses or not.

The best part of it all? The day that 3D Firmware hits could also be the day when gamers remember years from now that the PS3 changed the way we played games by a simple download. Sony has an ace up its sleeve as well, as the company plans to release a 3D version of Gran Turismo 5 once the 3D wave hits this summer. Then again, this 3D push could fail or take even more years to catch on than HD did originally.

All we can really confirm is that the future is bright for the PS3. With the Arc motion controller, Several Triple A exclusives planned throughout the year (with many yet to be revealed!), and the 3D firmware update, Sony is working hard to claim a spot atop the gaming mountain.