Gran Turismo 5 Could Start its Engines with 3D

3D is ‘the next big thing’ in terms of home entertainment. The technology was the main draw during this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, with Sony proving to be the biggest supporter of 3D.

Not only did Sony showcase 3D enabled HDTVs and other consumer electronics, but they also showed off a few 3D capable PS3s equipped with 3D versions of some of Sony’s top PS3 games. One of these games was Gran Turismo 5, and according to a new report, consumers will be able to play GT5 in 3D at home sooner than you’d think…

According to MotorTrend editor Peter Lyon, Polyphony Digital confirmed:

“(A) 3D version” of GT5 will be available as soon as 3D TVs become available on the market.”

Sony is planning on bringing 3D HDTVs to the market as early as this summer. GT5 was slated for a March release, but development issues put the brakes on those plans. With a summer release date looking likely, Gran Turismo 5 could very well launch as a 3D capable game.