God of War III is Not The Last in The Series

God of War III’s director, Stig Asmussen, had said that making a God of War title every two to three years would make the franchise “irrelevant.” This has led to many fans wondering if they would ever see the God of War franchise back in action. Despite Asmussen’s comments, the PlayStation 3 exclusive’s producer Steve Caterson has revealed the titan slaughtering will not stop with God of War III.

Steve Caterson stated in an interview with IndustryGamers that even though God of War III won’t leave players in a “cliffhanger,” the third installment in the long-running series will not be the last game in the franchise.

Well, God of War III is the end of the trilogy. We didn’t leave you on a cliffhanger but I think it’s not the end of the franchise. I’m looking forward to do something different if we can.

It also might be nice to return to the franchise if we can and bring all that knowledge back from wherever we go. Anything’s possible. It’s premature to say what it might be, since I don’t even know what I’ll be doing next week.

Knowing the inevitable success which God of War III will bring to Sony, it would only make sense if we see a new title in the future. Kratos’ latest quest on Mount Olympus starts on March 16th for North America and March 19th for Europe.