Pixeljunk “Lifelike” Coming Soon to PS3

Have you been pondering what is next for Kyoto-based Q-Games and their beloved Pixeljunk series? Wonder no more, as exactly what they are up to has been revealed at GDC.

Even though it’s called Pixeljunk, it’s not a game, instead it’s a new visualizer for the PS3. A snapped picture of the visualizer has been revealed by Baiyon, a Japanese multi-media artist responsible for some of the music behind the Pixeljunk series, via his Twitter account. Check out the images below (Click thumbnail for full size image)

Pixeljunk developer Q-Games is responsible for the other visualizers on the PS3, as well as the XMB OS interface, and the default “original” dynamic XMB theme on the PS3.

At the moment that is all that has been revealed, but we’ll be sure to follow any news coming from Q-Games and Baiyon about the upcoming visualizer.