God of War III Team ‘moved’ by PlayStation Move

Just the other day, Sony impressed consumers with its upcoming motion controller which they have officially titled PlayStation Move. While motion controllers will be available on all three current-generation platforms within the year, the Sony controller is unique in that it has 1:1 precision and “makes sense” with the current hardcore and casual gaming library. This impresses developers so much in fact, that studios as big as Sony Santa Monica are giving it a gander.

During an interview by VG247 with the God of War III’s Design Director Todd Papy, Papy displayed interest in the upcoming Sony Move controller. When asked about whether or not God of War III will feature compatibility in the future, Papy replied:

“As far as the new motion controller, and the 3D tech coming out, we will just have to look at it and see. We don’t want it to be hokey, so if it feels hokey, we’re not going to do it.”

There’s a strong possibility that a compatibility patch will be available for God of War III sometime in the future. While optional as with other titles that will support it, the Move controller could work with God of War III and would provide a completely different experience for those that invest in it.

PlayStation Move is planned to release in Fall 2010. If you haven’t already seen it, check out the impressive Sony GDC Press Conference and see what all the buzz is about.