THQ Plans for Bigger Digital Future

In a recent interview taken at GDC, THQ’s executive VP of Core Games Danny Bilson talked about how his studio will concentrate more on creating downloadable titles destined for the PSN and XBL marketplaces. Even though the company already has two studios, THQ Digital Studios Phoenix and THQ Digital Studios UK, dedicated to the online market, it isn’t enough, according to Bilson. He would like “up to six” major downloadable titles per year, with some of those being based on the studio’s biggest IP’s.

According to Bilson, brand awareness is the major key with this latest move.

“We’re going to be building stuff on some of our core brands”

Furthermore, THQ hopes the online titles will drive up interest and ultimately, drive up pre-orders for the studio’s biggest games. Bilson plans that certain downloadable titles will unlock certain content within its retail counterpart.

“You’re going to see some of our core brands built out in different kinds of gameplay to get people involved in the brands and drive awareness towards a launch.”

Additionally, the company will be “giving away” certain titles, although he did not elaborate on that. Although that would probably not be the center of this latest push. Certainly this latest drive gets us here at PlayStation LifeStyle excited, but what about you? Post your reactions in the comments section below.