Square Enix Already Working on Next Gen Engine

Perhaps the biggest release (for better or worse) in Square Enix‘s history, Final Fantasy XIII finally landed this past week in Europe and North America. After having to overcome so many different problems with bringing the series to the world of HD, Square Enix is already looking to the future of the company even before the current-gen has reached its peak.

Square Enix post an officially listings looking for developers to help work on their next-gen console engine. Yeah, you read that right…SE is already thinking about the PS4 and Xbox 720 (or whatever) even though they hardly understand the current platforms. The listing reads something like this:

At Square Enix, in anticipation of the appearance of next generation platforms, we’ve started development on a new generation game engine for competing beyond the level of the world’s powerful developers.

To make matters worse, Square Enix just HAD to use the picture below to tease us eager Final Fantasy fans…

Oh come on Square Enix!! Remember what you did last time with the FF7 PS3 ‘tech’ demo that blew the minds of RPG fans everywhere and how you constantly tease us with it? Give us a break, please. Pretty please? I know, I know…Cloud is easily the most popular character in the company’s history but I’m taking the position ‘VP of Enough is Enough’ from Kevin Butler and laying down the law. End of Story.

Don’t know about the rest of you PS3 fans, but I couldn’t care less about the next-gen of consoles. Sure is nice to daydream sometimes however with all of the amazing games that we have this generation it makes you wonder how they could really top them. Let us know what you think about Square Enix’s decision in the comments below.