UK Charts: Bad Company 2 Reign Short Lived

March is dubbed as one of the best month in gaming so far, and with such a bold statement it would only make sense if there were some pretty massive blockbuster titles. Which is exactly what we’re seeing with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIII and soon to be released God of War III all within this blessed month. Last week, EA’s Bad Company 2 became the seventh number one entry in the UK charts, but has the shooter held its place?

The latest UK Charts has been revealed compiled by Chart Track, and unsurprisingly the United Kingdom has witnessed yet another number one title. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII has entered the charts at first position, with the PlayStation 3 console claiming 54% of the sales for the RPG.

Bad Company 2 drops down one place and Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is still shedding tears in a comfortable 4th place position. PS3 exclusive Yakuza 3 enters the charts in 24th position. Last week’s charts can be viewed here.

Week ending March 13th, 2010:

With God of War III releasing officially tomorrow, don’t expect the RPG to be enjoying first spot for too long.