Modern Warfare 2’s Mapathy Cure Costs a Pretty Penny

Two days ago, PlayStation LifeStyle reported the new maps for Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package DLC. The pack contains 5 maps; three new, and two remade. Although, an unknown topic that is wished to be known for the DLC is something very important – the price. Here to save the day is Major Nelson, where that topic was revealed on his podcast.

Robert Bowling, community manager at Infinity Ward, was on Major Nelson’s podcast show to talk about (what else?) Modern Warfare 2. During the show, the price of the first Modern Warfare 2 DLC, titled Stimulus Package, was revealed. Unfortunately, the price passes the borderline of overpriced DLC. The Stimulus Package DLC will run you $15 for the pack, which includes 3 new maps, and 2 remade maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Speaking of Call of Duty 4, Joystiq pointed out that the only DLC for that game – the Variety Pack – cost only $10.

Will you be buying the new Modern Warfare 2 map pack? Post your comments below!