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Codemasters VP Calls PSP a “Waste of Space”

With a sleek interface and numerous capabilities, along with a library of blockbuster releases, Sony‘s handheld is considered by many to be one of the best gadgets currently available in the market. However, despite the PSP’s capabilities and potential, Codemasters VP Gavin Chesire is not full of praise for the sleek device.

In the latest issue of Edge, he criticized the PSP, calling it a “bollocking useless waste of space:”

Well, speaking as a person who bought a PSP, the problem was that I always thought – because it was a better screen than iPod’s – that I’d be doing more with it. But it was such a bollocking useless waste of space; just getting stuff on it was ridiculous.

That was its downfall. Relatively speaking, [Codemasters] didn’t do too badly on F1 PSP. But regarding the future, I think they’ve got – well… no.

Ironically, he seems to love the PSP Go:

PSPgo’s a lovely device. [It’s]really smart – but our senior VP bought one the day it came out and has a great story, because he ended up on some customer support line just trying to do basic stuff. He had to re-download his software, do an immediate firmware update, and that’s your user experience.

Sony just hasn’t got it right. Stuff like that will make people leave it alone.

He hates the PSP, loves the PSP Go, and seems to be alluding to the fact that the PSP Go is not user friendly since their senior VP was on a customer support line because he can’t read a manual.