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Michael Pachter Has Harsh Remarks For PSP

Sony’s latest revision of the PlayStation Portable may sport a more compact, sleek and stylish appearance, however the digital download only PSP Go‘s hefty price tag has turned many consumers away from purchasing one.

Since the PSP Go’s launch this past October, the gaming press and fans alike have criticized Sony’s pricing strategy. Now industry analyst Michael Pachter is adding his opinion of the handheld, mainly regarding the device’s price.

During a recent Pach-Attack episode on GameTrailers, Michael Pachter believes the PSP doesn’t hold a bright future unless Sony decide to reduce its price tag. Pachter stated:

I think they’re doomed on small market share until they get more competitive on price. The PSPgo is more expensive than most iPod Touch devices and the game library is more expensive that the iPod library. Nintendo’s got a huge cost advantage on the DS … I think Sony is running into a brick wall trying to compete in that sector.

With that said, I don’t think they’re giving up. I think we’re going to have a PSP 4, 5, and 6 thousand, I’m hopeful that they come down in price, and that the games come down in cost and that they can be competitive.

He goes on to gives his opinion about the PSP’s future:

But right now I’d say they’re destined to be second place to Nintendo on the pure game front, and overall in third place with iPod thrown in there. So no, I don’t think the PSP is going to be a huge success in future.

What’s your take on the PSP’s future? Think the price tag it carries can ruin Sony’s handheld’s plans for the future?