More Evidence Points Towards New Michael Jackson Title For PlayStation

Gamers far and wide are now speculating, yet again, that we may be seeing the ‘king of pop’, Michael Jackson, return to video game consoles upon recent news surrounding Sony’s renewed $250 million contract with the recently deceased star which will grant the company around ten new projects over a seven year time span.

Sources close to the deal have stated:

Future projects may also include a video game, a DVD compilation of videos and a re-release of “Off the Wall,” Jackson’s fifth studio album, which first came out in 1979, accompanied by some unreleased material. Before his sudden death in June at age 50, the pop star had wanted to re-issue the album

With Sony’s recent release of the “This is It” PS3 Bundle in Japan, we definitely know that the company is willing to bring the star back into the realm of the gaming industry, even if, for the time being, it was only a Blu-ray bundle.

Additionally, with Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation Move coming this Fall, there’s no reason why a Michael Jackson-style dance title would be out of the question, although I would surely hope they decide to go with a DS3 (Dualshock 3) title instead and focus on at least some form of game play.

And finally, if Sony were to put out a new Jackson title , would it be a PS3 exclusive? We think so. If marketed properly this could be a phenomenally huge win for the PlayStation platform, and if enough time and dedication were put into a new game, it would be a big win for gamers as well.

Jackson really did leave a lasting impact on gamers, whether they realized it or not, from Sega’s “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker” based off of the 1988 movie of the same name, to the look and sound of Sonic The Hedgehog (particularly Sonic 3), his influence was wide-spread across all forms of entertainment.

We’ll leave you now with a blast from the past, and what could potentially inspire the next Jackson title (despite the fact that it was published by Sega)…